Pre-Order Chitro Magazine Issue 1: Birth
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Pre-Order Chitro Magazine Issue 1: Birth

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At Chitro magazine, we demolish all barriers and open the centrestage for all forms of art — from short stories to portraits to every form of art that can possibly be printed.The pages of Chitro demonstrate how human beings tend to interpret something as simple as a single word utterly different.

Every issue is designed based on a theme, surrounding which poetry, illustration, photography and short fiction submissions pour in from all around the world. The editors, Shaira Afrida Oyshee, author of two successful poetry books, and Afra Nuarey journalist and documentary maker, observe all the submissions and the chosen ones make their way to the final issue.

To celebrate the birth of Chitro magazine, we asked artists to tell us what birth means to them. Is it the patter of tiny feet or is the emergence of a new feeling? Is the arrival of new morning after one has reached the lowest of lows or is it the dawn of a new decade? Birth means something to all of us. Birth means something different to all of us.

Pre-order the first issue of Chitro magazine and become our companions on this journey where we will celebrate art.