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10 Love Poems you’ll share with your special someone

LAMP Anthology LAMP Most Promising Poet Award love poems

Since the beginning of time, love poems have rightfully claimed their place in literature and in our hearts. Get ready for an ocean of emotions as we list 8 of our favourite love poems that we are certain will make your heart skip a beat- Remember to share it to your special someone to make their day!

1. I wish to create a monster by Christian Scully 

I wish to create a monster
So void of self
That emptiness fills it.
That silence, screams in its wake
I wish to create a monster,
That causes stillness to shudder,
That causes deafness to wince at its roar
That knows no limit.
That is endless.
That enslaves, enraptures,
and envelopes everything
And I will name it love.

 (from page 17, LAMP Poetry Collection)


2. “I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels…” by Christopher Poindexter

I loved her
not for the way
she danced
with my angels
but for the way
the sound of
her name
could silence my


3. Between the sky and me by Nusera Neha

you were there
in the crumpled corners
of the quietest thunderstorms
as the smooth glide of rainwater
dripping off the whiskers
of a startled cat


(From page 32, LAMP Poetry Collection)


4. When Love Arrives by Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye (excerpt)

And love grew

Stretched like a trampoline

Love changed

Love disappeared... slowly
Like baby teeth, losing parts of me I thought I needed

Love vanished like an amateur magician
Everyone could see the trapdoor but me

Like a flat tire
There were other places I had planned on going

But my plans didn't matter


5. Excerpt from Letters to Atticus by Alvira Suha

I wouldn't disrupt
our sweet silence,
not for the world,
not for death
for nothing.
until I come across
another word
perfect for what I feel
I will name this feeling
after you.
(From page 35, LAMP Poetry Collection)

6. Lighthouse by Nusera Neha

I am still trying to distinguish
love and infatuation.
My feelings
stem in those moments
I catch glimpses of you
like the vanishing beam of a lighthouse
coming around
until I am blinded again
(From page 18, LAMP Poetry Collection)

7. Skin Deep by Ananda Ahsan

When the sun sets,
a thin membrane of light
drops itself upon you,
like a piece of silken fabric would.

I have never seen you naked;
there is always the light,
covering you all over.

Sometimes, I wish that
the light would leave us forever,
so our skins could touch,

8. Requital by Maya Rabinowitz

If in our lives we only ever
write one poem, you know
mine in backwards rhythm.

You wear my momma’s pants.
You make friends with her friends.
In every false innocence, every
overstayed welcome, you read
my eyes like paper.

I am afraid
to be alone
and there you are.

for M.K
(From page 74, LAMP Poetry Collection)

9. Excerpt from Half Life by Kazi Mahdi Amin

Yet I hang on to you
In dusty balconies and drunken memories.
Doting at my half-life again.
Not growing up,
But falling.

(From page 110, LAMP Poetry Collection) 


10. Excerpt from Sparrow by AKM Sadat

And sometimes you come to me
Only like a sparrow
Quizzing past my balcony

But there are times when you emerge
And cross all limits
Like powerful waves sweeping out
An entire town by the shore
Where the winds of your voice
And your giggles
Orchestrate this apocalypse


(From page 138, LAMP Poetry Collection)


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